Keeping your floor space pristine

A quick mop-around won't always do the trick. The joins in wooden and laminate flooring will fill up with dirt over time - dirt which is notoriously difficult to get rid of. You must also be wary of which chemicals you expose your floor to. We always use the appropriate products for any type of floor - meaning cleaner results with no risk of damage.

  • Real wood flooring

  • Laminate floors

  • Natural stone floors

  • Marble flooring

  • Victorian floors

  • Non slip floors

  • Marley, Vinyl and Linoleum tiled floors can be stripped and resealed with an emulsion polish for harder wearing

Floor cleaning for:

With our sanding and sealing service, we can bring your old floors back to life. We will always attend your property beforehand to give us the best idea of how to approach the job, and to offer you a free quote.


Floor sanding and sealing

Floor cleaning and sanding in Walsall from Extracta Carpet Cleaners.

Floors looking dirty and uncared for?

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