Keeping your leather suites clean & presentable

Unfortunately, leather does take to scuffs and scrapes over time. We can't do much about that,

but we can make sure the surface of all your leather furniture is kept looking clean and shiny all year round. After all, when you have paid for a high quality leather sofa, why allow it to become

shabby and worn out?

  • To provide a complete professional leather cleaning service

  • We clean, feed and condition your leather, which is an essential part of our service

Why you need us:

Leather is susceptible to grease and oil stains, dyes from your clothing, and soil - all of which will leave it looking dirty and dull.

Although we can't mend those rips and tears, it's worth noting that by regularly cleaning your leather furniture (at least once a year), you can extend its lifespan. Exposure to chemicals and dirt will serve to break down the material over time, which will increase the chances of scuffs appearing.  If you use leather wipes or baby wipes, they will break down the leather and take the goodness out, so the leather starts to crack.


Call Extracta Carpet Cleaners for the thorough cleaning of all your leather items.

Increasing the lifespan of your leather

Walsall's leather cleaning company - professional, reliable and high in quality.

Protect your leather furniture:

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