Freeing your home of odours and stains

Despite one's best efforts, all upholstery and carpets tend to develop odours over time. Children, pets and smoking all play a part, but it will inevitably happen any way. You may be considering replacing your carpets and upholstery, but you needn't! We free your home of the majority of stains and odours with our professional cleaning service.

•  You can spend hours trying to get rid of those bad odours from your carpets, to little avail.

•  We achieve better, longer lasting results than you could hope to achieve with household cleaning products.

•  We go the extra mile to eradicate those odours and stains.

•  Smells caused by pet urine, cigarette smoke, and food and drinks, removed from all your carpets and upholstery.

Making your life easier:

Our odour and stain removing techniques have been developed over years of experience, using chemicals and methods that are healthy for your carpets, causing no damage and leaving them looking fresh and smelling great.

Years of experience

Odour and stain removal in Walsall from long-standing professionals.

Free your home from bad odours:

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